Massage Therapy


Bryn Merida, LMT

Bryn became a licensed Massage Therapist in 2003.  She is licensed in both New York and Rhode Island and is trained in many modalities, including deep tissue, Swedish, and shiatsu massage, pre/postnatal massage, trigger point and myofascial therapies, hot stone massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy massage.

Having a wide variety of techniques to employ, Bryn has a unique ability to effectively focus on each client’s individual needs by utilizing a holistic approach to each therapy session. Bryn brings not only experience but also an intuitive touch that will source the root cause of a client’s pain or discomfort by exercising multiple therapeutic massage techniques to facilitate the release of muscular and energy blockages, encouraging self-discovery and wellness and restoring the balance of energy flow.

Bryn is most passionate about chronic pain management and injury rehabilitation and perinatal massage, specializing in relaxation and neuromuscular techniques. Bryn’s experience, intuition, and compassion serve as the foundation for her massage therapies, making her exceptionally qualified to address and treat many different sources of pain and discomfort.

To schedule an appointment with Bryn, please call 401-295-9767.  You can also email her at