Payment options

Chiropractic Care

We participate IN NETWORK with many insurance plans.

Please call our office prior to your first appointment to verify Chiropractic coverage benefits on your insurance plan

We also participate OUT OF NETWORK with some insurance plans please call the office prior to your first appointment to verifiy Chiropractic coverage benefits on your insurance plan.

We also offer affordable SELF PAY/CASH rates for patients with limited Chiropractic coverage and/or no insurance.  Please call the office to inquire about our rates.

Physical Therapy 

Both Physical Therapists, Diane Gannon, PT and Deb Adams, PT provide highly individualized sessions/manual therapy  and have SELF PAY/CASH rates only (no IN- NETWORK Coverage). Please call the office to inquire about their rates.

Massage/Bodywork Sessions 

Please call Nancy Webb, ABT, LMT directly at (401)-727-4155 regarding massage/bodywork rates.